The Right Way To Do 100 Push-Ups a Day to Build Muscle

My unique approach to the 100 push-ups a day for 30 days challenge will help you unlock insane calisthenics strength, while building muscle mass.

If you did 100 push-ups every single day for 30 days, you’d get bored really quick…wouldn’t you? I know I would.

You also wouldn’t see any significant strength or muscle gain due to the limited change in stimulus (the amount of load placed on the body is unchanging).

To combat these issues, I created a push-up program that maximizes strength gains by adjusting the rep scheme weekly. It also includes rest days for recovery and teaches you new push-up variations to make it fun and engaging.

100 push ups a day for 30 days challenge

100 Push-Ups a Day for 30 Days Results

Building muscle with push-ups

At the end of my 30-day challenge, I gained 0.5” around my chest and 0.5” in my triceps and lost 1#. These changes were quite surprising as I already carried quite a bit of muscle mass for my small frame. Typically, only beginners or intermediates would see considerable changes in their physique in such a short period of time.

I also saw a massive improvement in core engagement and push-up form (no more turkey neck!).

100 push-ups a day results

Improved Calisthenics Pushing Strength

When I started this challenge I could do 1.5ish HSPU (handstand push-ups). Now, as I write this I am all the way up to 6 free-standing handstand push-ups. 

Will 100 push-ups a day do anything?

It depends on how you structure the program. I took a unique approach designed to increase my overall strength and muscle size. Read on to see exactly how I did it.

Push-Ups for Muscle Building

Here are some push-up variations that you can use throughout the 30-day challenge. I’ve ranked them in order of difficulty.

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Days 1-5 of the 100 Push-Ups a Day Challenge

10 Push-Ups, Every Minute, for 10 Minutes
You have 60 seconds to complete 10 push-ups, 10 times. The rest time is determined by how fast you can complete the 10 push-ups.

Choose a more challenging variation for the first few sets. Finish the last set on your knees. Do not use the same variation for the entire workout. See below for example routines based on your fitness level.

Towards the end of the week, you will need to use easier variations as your muscles will be pretty tired due to little rest.

Take one rest day before moving on to Day 6 of the challenge.

calisthenics dip bar lebert equilizers

Follow Along 100 Push-Up Workout to Build Muscle

Quickly build your chest, triceps and core with this following along 100 push-up workouts. Beginner push-up modifications included.

Days 1 -5 Example Routine

Advanced Option:
Set 1: Regular Push-Ups (to warm up)
Set 2: Wall HSPU
Set 3: Wall HSPU
Set 4: Diamond Push-Ups
Set 5 – 9: Push yourself by choosing a challenging but doable variation
Set: 10: Complete on your knees

Beginner Option:
Set 1: Scap Push-Ups
Set 2-3: Regular Push-Ups
Set 4: Knee Push-Ups
Set 5: knee Push-Ups
Set 6 -9: Counter-top Push-Ups
Set 10: Push-up negatives

Day 6-10

1. 12 Reps, Medium Progression
A medium progression is a push-up variation you can do around 15 challenging reps.

2. 4 Sets x 6 Reps, Hard Progression, 60-sec rest between sets
A hard progression is a push-up variation you can only do around 6 reps of.

3. 4 Sets x 16 Reps, Easy Progression, Performed Quickly
An easy progression is a push-up variation you can do around 20 reps of (such as wall push-ups or countertop push-ups)

Explanation Video

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Days 6 – 10 examples based on skill level

Level 1 Example
1. Counter-Top Push-Ups, More Horizontal than usual
2. Knee Push Ups
3. Counter-Top Push-Ups, More Vertical

Level 2 Example
1. Regular Push-Ups
2. Tricep Push-Ups or Close Grip Push-Ups
3. Regular to Knee Push-Ups

Level 3 Example
1. Tricep Push-Ups
2. Extended ROM or Clapping
3. Regular Push-Ups

Level 4 Example
1. Wide Push-Ups
2. Pike Push-Ups or Wall Handstand Push-Ups
3. Regular Push Ups

Day 11-16

1. 15 reps: Warm-up, quick, easy push-ups
Rest 30 seconds or more

2. 12 reps: Medium variation
Rest 30-60 seconds or more

3. 10 reps: Harder variation
Rest 90-120 seconds or more

4. 8 reps: HARDEST variation
Rest 90-120 seconds or more

5. 10 reps: Same variation as round 3
Rest 30-60 seconds or more

6. 12 reps: Same variation as round 2
Rest 90 seconds or more

7. Complete the remaining 33 push-ups in as few sets as possible.
Make these sets quick and dynamic (think clapping push-ups without the clap), 33 reps

calisthenics dip bar lebert equilizers

Do an EMOM when you are too tired to complete this weeks routine. Try to decrease the total time down to 8 or 9 minutes.

Day 17-22

5 Push Up Variations, 10 Reps Each, 2 Sets

1. Clapping Push-ups, 10 reps
2. Pseaudo Push-Ups, 10 reps
3. Russian Push-Ups, 10 reps
4. Archer Push-Ups, 10 reps
X2 sets

calisthenics dip bar lebert equilizers

Days 23-28

1. 50 reps in 3-4 sets.
Focus on an EASY progression you can perform EXPLOSIVELY.

2. 10 reps x 5 sets.
Choose a medium level push up.

calisthenics dip bar lebert equilizers

Day 29

Take it easy and perform 100 push-ups as desired.

Day 30

It’s time to test your max push-ups! Set up a camera, put on some good tunes and get after it! Did your max push-ups increase? Is your form better? Has your physique changed?

Afterwards, do a celebration dance to congratulate yourself on sticking with this challenge!

summerfunfitness doing push ups

Building Muscle with Push-Ups

Why you need to hit the 100 push-ups in one session

What happens if you do the same push-up variation, for 100 reps, for 30 days?

In your untrained areas, such as your core, you may see a very small increase in muscle size. However, at some point, with no change in stimulus (the body doesn’t have to overcome greater challenges) you will plateau, meaning you won’t see an increase in muscle growth. Your performance will also decrease due to limited rest periods between workouts.

I wanted to use the 100 push-ups a day for 30 days challenge to increase my pushing strength and muscle size. Not my endurance..which is why I didn’t just rep out 100 push-ups in one go…

I also don’t recommend breaking down the 100 push-ups into smaller portions throughout the day because:

  • Your wrists won’t be warm, which can lead to injury
  • Your core won’t be activated, which can lead to poor form
  • You won’t see any significant changes in muscle size or overall strength

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Is Doing 100 Push-Ups a Day for 30 Days Worth it?

After completing this challenge I saw significant strength improvements in my calisthenics training as well as an increase in muscle mass – all from home.

I also felt extremely proud of myself after completing the full challenge which 

So yes, doing the challenge in the way I programmed it – I would say it’s 10/10 worth the effort put in.

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