Perfect Your Handstand With This Workout Routine

Use this calisthenics routine to perfect your handstand while building handstand push-up strength.

Today you’ll:

  • Increase your ability to balance a handstand
  • Build upper body muscle and strength
  • Increase core engagement
  • Improve shoulder mobility
  • Be one step closer to reaching your goals

Hey! Welcome. I’m Summerfunfitness. I taught myself how to do a handstand as an adult – with no gymnastics experience. 

My goal is to simplify calisthenics training so you can be fit and mobile for life – regardless of your ability to access a gym. I do this by sharing actual calisthenics workout routines, so you can take action today (no need to spend more time researching).

Perfect Your Handstand By Actually Warming Up

To do this workout, you must be able to hold a 10-second handstand. If you are not yet at that stage, try my beginner handstand workout routine instead.

That being said, the dynamic handstand warm-up portion is excellent for anyone looking to improve their overall mobility and coordination.

Dynamic Warm-Up for Handstands
Designate a certain distance that you will perform the following line drills. The longer the distance = the longer the handstand warm-up routine.

1. Walking Leg Kicks with Arms Overhead
2. Walking Standing Split Kicks

handstand shoulder tap for handstand walking

4. Standing Split Hold, 15-20 sec per leg
*elevate hands on a block to make it easier

standing split holds

5. Jump to Handstand
Perform forwards and backwards.

jump to handstand drill

6. Cossack Squat Line Drill with Arms Overhead
*Watch the video for clarity. 
Inside leg > Outside Leg > Turn > Inside Leg > Repeat

cossack squat line drill

7. Shoulder Elevation Drill, 6-12 reps

Need a Band? I like the Lebert Fitness Resistance Bands. Use code SUMMER for 10% off. If you don’t have a band you could hold a small weight like a can of chickpeas or nothing at all.

banded shoulder drills for handstands

10. Wrist Warm-Up for Handstands, 10 reps each position

girl doing wrist warm-up for handstands

Handstand Push Day Calisthenics Workout

1. Handstand Kick Ups, 10 reps, each leg, 2 sets

handstand kick ups

2. Endurance Handstand Holds, 3 sets

Set a timer on your first hold; come down just before failure. Match that time for the rest of your sets. Depending on your capabilities, this can be a 3-sec hold up to a 2-min hold. Work on a different leg variation each time if you can hold an HS for longer than 15 seconds.

*Can be performed against a wall

endurance handstand holds

3. Straight Handstand to Straddle to Tucked, attempt for 10-15 minutes, with rest in between attempts
*Handstand beginners try straight to straddle

straight handstand to straddle to tucked

4. Negative EROM (extended range of motion) HSPU (handstand push-up),5 reps, 4 sets, 2 min rest

Set a timer on your first hold; come down just before failure. Match that time for the rest of your sets. Perform against a wall (chest to wall) to make it more accessible.

negative handstand push up on p-bars

Need P-Bars? Shop my favourite calisthenics bars here. Use discount code SUMMERFITNESS10 to save.

5. EROM Tricep Extensions, 12 reps, 3 sets

If you don’t have access to this equipment, do diamond tricep push-ups instead.

extended range of motion tricep extensions

Stretch for 10 -20 minutes afterwards, focusing on your chest and upper back.

How Often Should You Do this Workout to Perfect Your Handstand?

Build the strength and body awareness to balance your handstand by doing this workout weekly for 6-8 weeks. If handstands and handstand push-ups are your primary goal, schedule this workout in 2 days a week with ample rest days inbetween.

This Workout to Perfect Your Handstand…

My calisthenics training is performance-based, meaning I focus on the skills I want to achieve rather than what my body looks like. To do this, I first outline my goals, then form a workout program that helps me build the necessary strength and mobility.

Right now, my focus is on one-arm handstands, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups, as well as middle splits and backbends. Learn how I structure my 5-day-a-week calisthenics workout plan >

airwalk handstand press

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