Free 3 Day Calisthenics Workout Plan

A 3-day calisthenic workout plan is ideal for calisthenics beginners, people who participate in a sport (such as rock climbing), or just generally busy people who don’t have much time to workout.

It ONLY takes 3 calisthenics workouts per week to get closer to your fitness and mobility goals.

Excuse me…I made an error. “Only” working out 3 days per week isn’t the right way to put it…training calisthenics 3 times per week is a big accomplishment-especially if you’re starting your workout journey.

I will guide you on this new, exciting (and a bit scary) bodyweight training journey!

My name is Summer. I taught myself calisthenics as an adult – so I know the amount of uncertainty and nervousness that can come with learning a new skill.  Having gone from calisthenics beginner to advanced athlete, I can tell you – it’s so worth it.

summerfunfitness middle splits between two chairs and bicep flex

“Building strength and coordination in your body unlocks incredible freedom to try new things, move through life easier, and stand confidently in your body.” – Summerfunfitness

Who Should Use This Calisthenics Workout Plan?

This calisthenics week of workouts is excellent for people who already have an athletic hobby but want to get stronger and more mobile.

Calisthenics is the perfect complement to many sports. You can use your calisthenics workout plan to balance out the strength gained from your sport. For example, if your sport primarily uses your legs (e.g. soccer), you may want to use calisthenics to build your upper body strength. Alternatively,  you could choose sport-specific calisthenics exercises to improve your performance in your sport.  This could include working on sissy squats, pistol squats or middle splits as a soccer player.

Sports + Calisthenics Workout Schedule

  • 3 days climbing, 3 days calisthenics training
  • 3 days skateboarding, 3 calisthenics training
  • 2 days training legs,  3 days calisthenics
  • 3 days yoga, 3 days calisthenics…

The options are endless!

What if You Only Have 3 Days to Workout?

If you are training 3x per week, I urge you to consider having daily step goals and movement goals on your off days. Here’s what that would look like:

Beginner Calisthenics Workout Schedule

7 Min Core Routine

3x Day Calisthenics Workout Plan  + 10 Min Walk

Stretch + Core
3x Day Calisthenics Workout Plan + 10 Min Walk
Stretch + Core
3x Day Calisthenics Workout Plan
40 min walk

beginner calisthenics weekly schedule

3 Day Calisthenics Workout Plan Options

Your calisthenic workout split should be dependent on your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, strength gains, or skill acquisition, your calisthenics program should match your needs. For example, if you are in a sport that trains your legs quite a bit, you could consider only training your upper body and core on your workout days.

If I were training for a sport and only had 3 days to work out, I would do the following split:

Full Body with an emphasis on Pull-ups
Full Body with an emphasis on Push
Full Body with an emphasis on Legs

I would superset my “main lifts” to increase total workout volume in a short period. Here are some general calisthenics workout splits for training 3x per week:

Or you can just follow the Calisthenics Workout Plan listed below 🙂

Take Action Today!!
Free 3 Day Calisthenics Workout Plan

Today we will be covering just one option for a 3-day Calisthenics Workout Plan. Exercise modifications are included for beginners – to advanced. Over a few months, you should focus on jumping up to the next progression. If you’re serious about starting calisthenics, join my 8-week Beginner Calisthenics Program >

Day 1: Full Body Calisthenics Circuit

Complete all 5 exercises with a 30 sec – 1 min rest in between. At the end of the round take a 2-4 minute rest. Repeat 3-4 times.

Squats, 12-15 reps
Beginner, 12-15 reps: Limited ROM Squat
Advanced, 6-8 reps: Pistol Squat

calisthenics squats beginner to advanced

Banded Chin Ups, 10 reps
Beginner, 12 reps: Rowing
Advanced, 6-8 reps: Chin Ups

row options for beginner to advanced

Foot Assist Dips, 10 reps
Beginner, 10 reps: Bench Dips
Advanced, 8-10 reps: Dips

beginner to advanced calisthenics dips

Side Plank, 45 sec
Beginner, 30 sec: Side Plank on Knee & Elbow
Advanced, 45 sec: Side Plank Top Leg Up

side plank beginner to advanced options

Day 2: Calisthenics Legs

Day 2 is a calisthenics home leg day designed to increase leg strength and mobility without weights. If possible, I recommend ordering a hip circle for maximum gains. Use code SUMMER for a discount.

Burpee, 1 set, 12-15 reps, 2 min rest
Beginner: Kneeling to Squat
Advanced: Roll ups Jumps

Squat with Hip Circle 15 reps, 3 sets, 30 sec rest
Beginner, 15 reps: Limited ROM Squat
Advanced, 6-7 per leg: Pistol Squat

Banded Single Leg Hip Thrust, 8- 10 reps, 3 sets, 30 sec rest
Beginner, 20 reps: Limited ROM Hip Thrust
Advanced, 8-10 per leg: Limited ROM Reverse Nordic

Long Lunge, 10 reps, 3 sets, 45 sec rest
Beginner, 12 reps: Chair Assisted Lunge Variation
Advanced, 8 reps: Cossack

Bent Leg Straddle Hip Hinge, 10 reps, 3 sets, 30 sec rest
Beginner: Hip Hinge Using Chair
Advanced: Full Straddle Hip Hinge

Middle Split Squat 20-30 sec holds, 2 sets, 45 sec rest
Beginner: Chair Assist Middle Split Squat
Advanced: Active Middle Split Hold

hip mobility for calisthenics

Day 3: Building the Basics

This is an EMOM (every minute on the minute) style workout meaning you complete each exercise within a minute for the specified amount of time.

8 Minute EMOM
Regular Push-ups,10 reps

Beginner, 10 reps: Upper Body Only Push Ups 
Advanced, 10 reps: Clapping Push Ups
Rest 2 minutes then move on to the next EMOM

8 Minute EMOM
Superman, Feet Together, Arms Overhead, 20 sec
Beginner, 10 sec: Modified Supermans
Advanced, 30 sec: Lightly Weighted Supermans
Rest 2 minutes then move on to the next EMOM

6 Minute EMOM
Banded Chin Ups, 10 reps

Beginner, 10-15 reps, : Row Variation
Advanced, 6-8 reps: Chin Ups
Rest 2 minutes. Then perform the next exercise

Side Plank, 45 sec, 3 sets, 30 sec rest
Beginner, 30 sec: Side Plank on Knee & Elbow
Advanced, 45 sec: Side Plank Top Leg Up

beginner to advanced dip bar rows

How to Format Calisthenics Workouts

If you plan to structure your own 3 day calisthenics program instead of using the one listed above, you must first know a bit about structuring a program.

The “main lifts” in calisthenics are:

If you are ever in doubt of what to train, refer back to the 12 Fundamental Calisthenics Exercises. DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE things (I’m guilty of this). You do not have to do ten (10) exercises per session (3-5 exercises are a good amount). Keep it simple! Work on the basics.

calisthenics girl doing a pull up

Workout Structure for Calisthenics

  1. Mobility
  2. Skill Work
  3. Workout
  4. Mobility/Flexibility/Cool Down

Structuring your workouts in this manner ensures you are working on your strength, mobility and calisthenics skills each and every workout. This is especially important if you are only training 3x per week.

The length of time spent on each type of movement is dependent on your goals and your time availability. Mobility work could just be 5 minutes – or it could be 40! It all depends on what your body and goals require.


For calisthenics, a great place to focus your mobility efforts is on your shoulder mobility, as shoulder mobility dramatically affects your ability to perform calisthenics skills such as handstands. Check out my Handstand Warm-up, Bendy Back Workout, Full Body Warm-up or Middle Split Routine.

New to mobility? Start here!

If I  were to hand you the most universally beneficial (in my opinion) mobility exercises it would be:

1. Deep squats
2. Cat & Cows, or Cobra pose if you aren’t comfortable with Cat Cows
3. Shoulder Mobility
4. Core
5. Some sort of spinal twist

Gymnastics Shoulder Stretch

Take these recommendations and move through each one for 8-20 reps at the start of your session, holding each pose for no longer than 3 breaths per rep.

At the end of your session do the same movements but slower and for longer (less reps overall, more time spent in the position).

Stick to your main mobility focus for at least six (6) weeks. It takes quite a bit of time and intention to improve mobility. In my experience, six weeks is a good benchmark to see gains.

Skill Training

Pick a calisthenics skill that you would like to work on consistently.
Spend 5-10 minutes after mobility working on your skill longer if you have the time. Twenty (20) minutes is ideal for skill acquisition.

Here are 4 calisthenics skills to master as a calisthenics beginner. These skills do not require equipment, making them easy to train in any location.

1. Crow Pose

croc pose for beginner calisthenics

2. Forearm Stand

forearm stand beginner calisthenics

3. Croc or Single Arm Croc

croc pose for beginner calisthenics

4. Handstand

handstand for beginner calisthenics

Don’t forget, working out 3x per week is a HUGE accomplishment. If you are just Getting Started in Calisthenics, check out this post or do my In Gym Beginner Calisthenics Workout.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of calisthenics exercise options? Not sure where to start? Honestly, I feel that way too. When that happens, resort back to these 12 calisthenics skills and exercises. They will keep your training focused, fun and challenging for years. 

handstand for beginner calisthenics

4 Day Per Week Beginner Calisthenics Program

Create a future where you feel strong, powerful, and flexible with my 4 day per week, beginner calisthenics program! You’ll strengthen the calisthenics fundamentals while unlocking some seriously impressive skills.

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Ready to train calisthenics more days per week? Check out how I divide up my training: Calisthenics 5 Days a Week >

a week of workouts