Calisthenics Simplified. Complete List of Calisthenics Exercises

ACTUALLY learn the calisthenics progressions needed to level up from a complete calisthenics beginner to an advanced athlete with this complete list of calisthenics exercises – updated weekly.

Typical calisthenics exercise lists cover the same basic exercises we already know like:

Where do you learn the calisthenics progressions that take you from 0 pull-ups to muscle-ups? Or squats to pistol squats?

When I started calisthenics I was just as frustrated as you. I couldn’t find a calisthenics exercise list that broke down the in-between exercises…so I set out to create my own.

Welcome, my name is Summerfunfitness. I am a self taught calisthenics athlete sharing tips, tricks and calisthenics workouts to help you achieve your calisthenics goals faster than I did. Not sure if I know what I’m talking about? Watch my pull up transformation video below.

Calisthenics Pull Exercises

Since you’ve landed on my site, I’m going to guess you’ve thought about either achieving your first pull-up or increasing your pulling strength for advanced skills like clapping pull-ups or front levers or even human flags.

Picture this… pack up your gym bag and put on a gym fit that makes you feel good. You get to the calisthenics park, jump on the pull-up bar and THEN……

Your mind goes blank.

You are there hanging on the bar, trying to remember that cool calisthenics video you saw on Instagram, but nothing comes to mind.

What now? You pull out this ultimate calisthenics list and start working on unlocking new calisthenics pulling skills using my videos as a guide. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Simplify with my Top 10 Calisthenics Pull Exercises to feel insanely strong.

Looking for a full calisthenics pull day? Try this Calisthenics Pull and Middle Split Workout or my Weighted Legs + Calisthenics Pull Day.

girl does calisthenics pull ups

Achieve your calisthenics goals faster with this complete list of calisthenics exercises for FREE.

Handstand Drills and Skills Exercise List

Having a handstand goal is an excellent way to stay motivated to work out. When you reach your goal, you will feel so incredibly proud and accomplished, not the mention you’ll end up with a new party trick to show off!

If you are looking to incorporate handstand training into your calisthenics workouts, add it in after your warm-up but before your strength training. This ensures your body is ready to perform the skills without being too tired. I typically perform a complete body warm-up, shoulder mobility, and then handstands.

Are you looking to get better at handstands?
Try my Handstand Walking Workout or my Beginner Handstand Workout.

wide handstand vs narrow handstand

Struggling to achieve dips, pull-ups and push-ups?

Calisthenics Shoulder Mobility Exercise List

It’s quite common to hear people complain that their overhead shoulder mobility/ shoulder mobility in general limits their athletic performance…so why not do something about it?

Pick one – to five shoulder mobility drills you can complete at the start of each training day, followed by one or two passive shoulder drills for the end of your workouts. Example: Banded Seated Shoulder Pull ApartsBanded Seated Scapular Protraction – Retraction, and German Hangs at the start of your session ending with Gymnastics Shoulder Stretch at the end. 

wide handstand vs narrow handstand

Achieve your calisthenics goals faster with this full list of calisthenics exercises for FREE.

Calisthenics Push Exercises

Here’s my favourite section! I love training calisthenics push as it requires the least amount of equipment which means you can train in any location. Work on push-ups, handstand push-push ups, planche, bent arm blanches, etc.

These upper body calisthenics pushing exercises work your triceps, chest, and delts (front of your shoulder) plus your core – of course!

Looking for a program to increase your Calisthenics pushing strength? Try my 100 push-ups a day for 30 days calisthenics program.

calisthenics basic pushing exercise

Complete list of Calisthenics Leg Exercises

Some calisthenics athletes may shy away from training legs for fear of gaining weight, thus making some calisthenics exercises harder.

However, I love training legs as it helps me create a strong, balanced, athletic, mobile body.

Adding in calisthenics legs will help you learn new sports easier due to increased hip mobility and coordination, making hiking, surfing, skateboarding, tying your shoes, and getting off the ground easier.

Not sure how to program calisthenics legs? Try my
– Full Calisthenics Leg Workout for Strength
– Calisthenics Leg Day

calisthenics girl does middle splits between two chairs

Achieve your calisthenics goals faster with this complete list of calisthenics exercises for FREE.

Calisthenics Core Exercise List

Developing a strong core is crucial to unlocking advanced calisthenics skills.
And no. Training crunches will not do that for you.

Think of our core as our “trunk,” with our arms and legs as the tree branches. We need a strong, stable core for our branches to attach to and act upon.

This calisthenics core exercise list focuses on training your core from all angles (front, back and side) so we can be strong in all directions.

Most “core exercises” actually focus on just the outer layer of abs. This is not efficient enough to aid you in calisthenics training as it greatly misses out on strengthening the deep layers that form the trunk – or core of your body.

calisthenics girl six pack core

Misc Calisthenics Exercises

Here you will find various exercises involving pushing and pulling, such as muscle up and beginner calisthenics skills.

This category will grow over time as I produce more Calisthenics Youtube Videos. It may seem small now, yet there’s still so much to learn on it!

In the meantime, check out the ultimate list of calisthenics skills here. This list (not created by me) maps out the different calisthenics skill progressions. It’s great for choosing your next calisthenics goal. However, it lacks the drills/exercises needed to achieve those skills. Use this sheet combined with mine for a comprehensive calisthenics exercise list.

Try this Full Body Calisthenics Workout – No Equipment Needed.

Calisthenics Warm Up and Cool Down Drills

Performing a warm up  prior to your calisthenics training is an integral component for unlocking insane calisthenics skills. The warm up prepares your body for the movement, prevents injury, increases flexibility, improves focus to the task at hand as well as improving your ability to produce maximal muscle contractions.

If you truly want to get good at calisthenics make sure you are both warming up and cooling down. 

Use this ever expanding exercise list to start your workout right. Following your warm up add in some shoulder mobility drills then start your handstand training or strength building.

Don’t have access to a gym? Use these 21 No Equipment Calisthenics Exercises to build muscle and strength in any location.

handstand push-up on a rock

Achieve your calisthenics goals faster with this complete list of calisthenics exercises for FREE.

You now have a complete list of calisthenics exercises..but how do you turn that into a workout? The greatest use of this exercise list is when you have a goal in mind, but you don’t know how to achieve it. For example, if you have a goal of performing a calisthenics pull day, you would scan the list for pulling exercises within your ability level. Or, if you have something like a handstand push-up in mind, you would check the list for similar pushing exercises within your ability.

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