Calisthenics Workouts

Calisthenics workouts for everyone. Here you’ll find quick workouts,  calisthenics programs, handstand workouts, beginner calisthenics routines, advanced calisthenics workouts, street workout routines, and mobility.

Looking for calisthenics warm-up routines? Click any workout on this page and do the warm-up portion 🙂

muscle girl doing pull ups

Beginner Workout to Get Your Pull-Up

For those who can do less than 5 pull-ups

muscle girl doing a push up

Follow Along 100 Push-Up Workout to Build Muscle

Beginner modifications included.

12 minute workout

Tuck Planche Workout

*This is for planche beginners like myself, not people who are new to working out.

summerfunfitness human flag on bars

You CAN Human Flag. Here’s How

*Beginners, do the warm-up routine to strengthen your core and scapular control. Only takes 10 minutes*

a week of workouts

My 5 Days Calisthenics Workout Split

With full workout routines for beginners-advanced