No Gym Required – Calisthenics Leg Workout for Strength

Do this calisthenics leg workout for strength, athleticism and mobility without weights.

This complete calisthenics leg routine includes beginner to advanced progressions to reach your calisthenics strength goals at home.

Performing calisthenics leg exercises can certainly increase leg strength with the proper exercise selection and rep ranges…..

However, there’s more to life than booty size (even though IG might make you feel differently).

But, I want to get good at calisthenics…why would I train LEGS?

Today’s calisthenics leg workout will balance out your upper body strength because you can’t train upper body every day – I’m looking at you, Calisthenics athletes!

Improving your leg strength and mobility will decrease your risk of injury as you’ll have more control at your end ranges (aka, if you slip into the splits, you’ll be okay). Leg strength will also improve your weighted lifts as you will have more control throughout the entire movement. 

Bring on the Adventures

With this calisthenics workout, you will develop a more agile and athletic body that quickly adapts to many different athletic pursuits like hiking, skateboarding, yoga, climbing and more! 

When I started calisthenics, I was obsessed with learning how to pistol squat, dragon squat, sissy squat, and how to do the middle splits between two chairs. Little did I know the significant impact those skills would have on my overall life. 


Hiking became easier, I was able to pick up new sports much quicker than my friends. I could jump on a longboard with no training, walk across a slackline, stand up and carve on a wakeboard-all on my first day trying. I equate this newly developed athleticism to the mobility, strength and balance I developed through calisthenics leg workouts.

No Weights, No Problem

Welcome, my name is Summer. I am a self-taught calisthenics athlete pursuing my dream of sharing calisthenics with the world so we can be fit and mobile regardless of our ability to access the gym.

Calisthenics Equipment

To complete this calisthenics leg workout, you just need yourself, a hip circle and a low chair if you are a beginner. If you do not have a hip circle, you can still perform the workout.

Why you need a hip circle.

I recommend everyone use a hip circle (Discount code: SUMMER). It uplevels your ability to neurologically connect with your muscle which improves strength, coordination and core. This is especially useful for calisthenics beginners.


Calisthenics Leg Workout for Strength

1. Ditch the shoes
Activate your feet! Click the link above for directions.

drag and grip a cloth in a lunge position to activate your feet

2. Warm Up
5-10 mins

cat caw mobility warm up for calisthenics

Check out the video above for exact activation drills

posterior chain activation

4. Hollow to Arch
Move into the hollow 6 times

5. Jump Squats
4 mins, 20 sec on, 10 sec off

hollow body

Superset 1 
3 sets, rest 2 mins

A1. Cossack Squat 20 reps

lateral lunge for calisthenics

A2. Deep Squats Facing Wall
10 reps with band, 10 without

deep squats with band facing wall

Superset 2
2 – 3 sets, rest 2 mins

B1. Sissy Squat
Cluster set of 10

Intermediate: Reverse Nordics
Beginner: LROM Reverse Nordic

sissy squat

B2. Hamstring Curls
6 Together, 6 Single Leg

floor hamstring curls

Superset 3
3 sets,  2 min rest

C1. Pistol Squat
6 reps + 2 regressed

Intermediate: LROM Pistol Squat
Beginner: Lunge Back

pistol squat

C2. Middle Split Squat
15 sec hold, 10 pulses

middle split squat hold

Core & 5 mins stretching


Now that you’ve completed this calisthenics leg workout for strength, it’s time to add in some skill training. Learn how to get your handstand push-up, how to balance a handstand or how to walk on your hands here.

Not quite ready for handstands?

Learn how to combine calisthenics and weight lifting here. For more no equipment calisthenics workouts, click here.