Calisthenics for Beginners: Free Workouts & Tutorials

Learn how to create an athletic, powerful body with this calisthenics for beginners guide – no gym required. 

The Best Beginner Calisthenics Exercises

Fundamental exercises to master calisthenics.

Improves scapular control which is integral for all upper-body exercises.

scap pulls

Can’t do pull-ups yet? Do these paired with negative pull-ups for the best results.

beginner pull-up option

Improves your horitzonal pulling strength and body awareness.

beginner calisthenics row option

Want to get really good at calisthenics? Master push-ups. Do them often.

true beginner push ups on dip bars

Dips are an excellent upper-body exercise that improves strength and muscle size.

beginner dip variations

These are a must to create an athletic body you can trust.

pistol squat calisthenics goal

Performing L-sits on p-bars strengthens your shoulder depression and hip flexors all in one movement.

beginner to advanced core exercise on p-bars

The Only 12 Calisthenics Exercises You Need to Focus On

Ready to take Calisthenics seriously? Set these 12 fundamental calisthenics exercises and skills as your training goals. Beginner to advanced progression are included, so you’ll know exactly what to do as you get stronger.

beginner to advanced core exercise on p-bars

8 Week Beginner Calisthenics Program

Create a future where you feel strong, powerful, and flexible with my 4 day per week, beginner calisthenics program! You’ll strengthen the calisthenics fundamentals while unlocking some seriously impressive skills.

girl hanging from a bar in an l-sit-advertising-beginner-calisthenics-program

Calisthenics Skills for Beginners

Enjoy your training. Stay motivated.

Training for a skill is one of the most rewarding aspects of starting calisthenics. Having a skill in mind gives you a goal to work towards, which helps to motivate you to work out consistently.

Top 4 Calisthenics Beginner Skills

2. Forearm Stand

forearm stand beginner calisthenics

Beginner Calisthenics Program

8 weeks to a stronger you. Easily Start Calisthenics today.

How to Handstand for Beginners

You are capable of amazing things.

Best Calisthenics Workout Routine for Beginners

Beginner workouts from seven to sixty minutes and everything inbetween.

get started in calisthenics

How to Start

Step-by-step instructions to get started today.

get started in calisthenics

3 Day Calisthenics Week of Workouts for Beginners

Build strength & mobility without the guesswork.

Yes, you can reach your fitness and mobility goals by training 3 days per week! This at-home beginner calisthenics workout plan is designed to build strength and mobility – without any excessive jumping (the downstairs neighbours will thank you).

Calisthenics Equipment for Beginners

My number one recommended equipment recommendation for calisthenics beginners is dip bars as they are highly versatile and easy to store – and take on the go! I have the Lebert EQualizers and have been using them since 2018 (discount code SUMMER). Not sure how to use your dip bars? Here’s a list of my top dip bar exercises for beginners. If you’re looking to build a full calisthenics gym, check out my calisthenics equipment recommendations >

calisthenics dip bar lebert equilizers