These 8 Female Calisthenics Athletes are Redefining What it Means to be Strong

If you thought girls couldn’t do pull-ups, planches or front levers, be ready to change your outlook on what women are capable of.

These 7 incredible female calisthenics athletes are showing the world how truly powerful women we can be.

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Welcome, I’m Summerfunfitness. My first bodyweight training goal was air-walk pull-ups. Many people said that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I was a female (insert eye roll). It was then that I decided I wouldn’t let other people define what my body was capable of.

After getting my first pull-up I fell in love with calisthenics and went on to teach myself how to human flag, muscle-up, and even handstand push-up.

Yet, I still have people commenting that women can’t learn advanced calisthenics skills or that I’m the first women they’ve ever seen do calisthenics….and I passionately want to change that because MANY women can do all those things and more.

Knowing that change had to start with me, I asked myself:

  • How can I help to showcase other female calisthenics athletes?
  • How can I better support females in my sport?
  • How do I find and connect with more women in calisthenics?

So I began this project with the goal of…

Showcasing Other Female Calisthenics Athletes

Because just sharing myself on my social media isn’t enough to create radical change.

Step 1: Support
To make women feel more welcome in calisthenics, I first had to welcome more women. I sought out more females to follow, subscribed to their content, and made a conscious effort to interact with them. 

Step 2: Share
Getting more women into the sport requires exposure! Sometimes it takes watching someone else achieve something to unlock our belief as to what’s possible. No one thought the 4-minute mile was possible until just one person proved it was! Let’s do the same with women in calisthenics.

Why would I use my following to boost other accounts?

I want to connect you with someone who inspires you, even if that’s not me. I started calisthenics as an adult with a love of strength-training and no gymnastics experience. I am a gym girl at heart. And that might not be you; you might resonate with a coach with a different background or teaching style than I have. So let’s get to the list…

Incredible Female Calisthenics Athletes

These female calisthenics athletes from around the world are redefining what women are capable of. Hint hint, it’s far more than just pull-ups. *shared in no particular order*

1. Malin Malle

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @malinmallejansson
Primary focus at the moment:  “To become the strongest I can possibly become (both in statics and dynamics) and to compete worldwide to show as many women as possible that we can train calisthenics too. I want to inspire more women to start training and competing in calisthenics.”

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

I am always inspired by all-around athletes because those are the most complete ones, and that’s something I strive to be. Being humble is also something that’s very important – in my opinion.

One of those at the moment is Alisia Persa. I really like her flow in dynamics, and she’s insanely strong!

Then I also need to say my future self.

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

  • Get a clean straddle planche
  • Full front lever
  • Better and harder combinations of dynamic moves. For example, 540 to 540, geinger to geinger, 540 to geinger, etc.

Share a Calisthenics Video You’re Proud of:

Skills in this Video: Freestyle Calisthenics Women Malin Malle does a Dragon 360 to 540 to Dragon 360 to Geinger.

Skills in this Video: Malin demonstrates that women can do front levers and strict muscle-ups.

2. Valentina Di Miceli

Location: Sicily, Italy
Instagram: @valentina.di.miceli

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

“The female athletes that inspire me are Malin Malle and Estefania Villamizar.”

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

“My goal is to be able to execute the full planche.” 

Share a Calisthenics Video You’re Proud of:

Skills in this Video: Girls CAN do front levers and planches! Watch Valentina go from a front lever to a straddle planche to a backlever!

3. Jess St John

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Instagram: @Jessstjohn
Primary Focus: Freestyle Calisthenics (a combination of dynamics and statics/strength)”

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Photographer: Michael Greenberg

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

I really look up to Malin Malle Jansson and Melanie Driessen because they exemplify what it means to be a strong, well-rounded calisthenics athlete. They’re both incredibly strong, which is apparent in their static and strength skills, and it definitely shows in their dynamics as well. They hit these huge dynamic skills with such confidence, which can be amounted to their killer combination of technique and muscle. These women are dedicated athletes and prove that women are capable of anything they set their mind to. They also express femininity in cohesion with being muscular and I just love that.

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

  • Handstand push up 
  • Consistently catch my geinger again 
  • Double 540

Share a Freestyle Calisthenics Training Video You’re Proud of:

Photographer: Bryan Guzman

Skills in this video: Shrimp Flip, Giant, 540, Shrimp Flip, Dislocate 360, Kip

4. Summerfunfitness

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Instagram: @summerfunfitness_
Primary Focus: I mostly focus on strength building and static work. You can find me in a gym most evenings. But instead of using weights, I train with my body. 80% of my training is focused on building strength, 20% on skills. My main focus is Muscle-ups, High-Pulls, Handstand Push-ups, and Handstands.”

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

“The very first calisthenics woman I was ever inspired by was @russian.r3d. I am still working towards the goals I saved from her account in 2016. When I started calisthenics, I couldn’t do pull-ups and I definitely couldn’t handstand. But now, I can execute many of the skills I was initially inspired by, which feels incredible. 

I LOVE strength-based skills, but I also like the idea of starting freestyle calisthenics (although, still trying to find a gym in my city that has bars). 

I look up to many women in calisthenics for their utter discipline and perseverance. I don’t have anyone I am trying to be like. Instead, I am inspired by many while keeping focused on my own goals.”

What are your main calisthenics goals?

For all of 2022, I focused on 3 main goals.

    • 10 clean dynamic muscle-ups
    • 10 handstand push-ups
    • 10 second one arm handstand

Going into this new year, my goals remain the same with the addition of straight arm work such as front-levers, planches..etc. Check out Valentina’s incredible front lever to planche!

Share a calisthenics training video that you’re proud of:

Skills in this video: Female calisthenics athlete, Summerfunfitness does clapping push-ups, strict bar muscle-ups, false grip muscle-ups, high pull-ups and a strict handstand push-up.

Skills in this video: Pull-Up dance to archer hefesto variation (not exactly sure what to call it, feedback welcome)

5. Natalia Modzelewska

Location: Poland
Instagram: @natalia.modzelewska_

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

What are your main calisthenics goals?

For years, I focused on improving my freestyle skills, like dynamics and statics. Since 2 years, my approach has changed. It is no longer just the elements themselves that are most important, but health and overall agility. I switched to focusing on strengthening my weak points, which were limiting my development and further progress. Now, my goal is to be all-around fit, not just in one field or area.” 

Share a Calisthenics Training Video You’re Proud of:

Skills in this video: Pull-over to swing 540

Skills in this video: Natalia proves that girls can do clean, strict bar muscle-ups

6. Alisia Persa

Location: Romania
Instagram: @alisia_persa

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

“Two girls who have inspired me and still do are Malin Malle and Jasi Svilenova.”

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

“I want to inspire people, especially women, to start calisthenics and help the calisthenics family grow. Also, I hope that someday the sport will be at the Olympics. In regard to my personal calisthenics goals, I want to be better every day.” 

Share a Calisthenics Video You’re Proud of:

Clips from: World Street Workout & Calisthenics Championship 2022. Alisia took home Bronze in Middleweight, Freestyle Calisthenics.

7. Aramis Andreatas or “Ramis”

Location: California
Instagram: @ramiswanders
Primary Focus: “Dynamics! Slowly loving statics more though”

female calisthenics athlete doing an L-sit

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

@melanie.driessen has always been who I’ve looked up to for inspiration. She’s strong, kind, and motivating, beat my boyfriend in a battle, and is extremely humble. She’s who I’ve turned to for help and insight the past few years and thank her tremendously for what she’s done! Love that queen!!

@estefany_cnx has had my attention for years. I even flew to Colombia a few years ago because I was told she would be there. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the comp but it’s okay. I still look up to her strength and balancing skills! I have respect for her, her style and her form. Hope to train together soon!

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

  • Alleyoop
  • More combos
  • Planche

Share a Freestyle Calisthenics Training Video You’re Proud of:

Skills in this video: 360 to gienger to shrimp flip to 360 to flyaway

8. Alex Hoover

Location: California
Instagram: @alexcalisthenics7
Primary Focus: “To be a well-rounded calisthenics athlete”

female calisthenics athlete doing a handstand

Female calisthenics athlete that inspires you:

@estefany_cnx and Malin Malle Jansson because each athlete is all around in their athletic mindsets, perseverance and passion for calisthenics. Each women show beauty and strength with good sportsmanship.”

What are your calisthenics goals right now?

  • Front Lever
  • Planche
  • Muscle-Up

Share a Freestyle Calisthenics Training Video You’re Proud of:

“I love this video because it shows the hype and support from a calisthenics community even if you don’t fully complete a combo.

Skills in this video: 540 to Shrimp Flip, Freestyle Calisthenics

Female Calisthenics Athletes

One of my goals with this project was to personally connect with more female athletes to create a community together. It really does take uniting and supporting one another to create massive growth and inclusion in the sport (at least, in my opinion).

I couldn’t get responses from many of the women I reached out to, but I still want you to know they are out there. Here is a list of female calisthenics athletes I hope to connect with and officially include in this blog post.

Simple Ways to Support Women in Sports

Follow calisthenics women regardless if you have the same goals. Use each other’s dedication as motivation to stick with your own training.

Don’t use slang for female genitalia as a way to communicate weakness 🐱💪 Whole humans get birthed through our lady bits! If anything, I’d be inclined to use the term as show of strength.

Don’t assign gender to exercises such as calling knee push-ups “girl push-ups.” They are either knee push-ups or modified push-ups.

Don’t use “like a girl” to shame someone for learning a new skill.  Don’t say, “you throw like a girl,” “you hit like a girl,”..etc. Instead, be supportive of people who are willing to be a beginner at something.

Don’t say, “You’re strong for a girl,” or “you’re strong for a skinny guy,”..etc. If you want to compliment someone, say you are strong. Period.

Women Calisthenics

I hope today’s post has helped you unlearn some old beliefs on what women are capable of. Women can do pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and so much more – if they want to. 

If you need some help getting started in calisthenics, here is a free in gym beginner calisthenics workout. 

Please email me or DM if you know another athlete that should be included on this list

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