Best Calisthenics Workout Routines for Beginners

Can’t get to a gym? Create a strong, mobile body from home with these beginner calisthenics workouts.

This list is in order of duration, so whether you have 7 minutes to workout or an hour – I’ve got you!

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Duration: 7 minutes
Equipment: Yoga Mat
Type: Follow along core routine
Goal: To build shoulder and core strength for handstands

Duration: 10 minutes
Equipment: Yoga Mat, Push-Ups Bars (optional), Pillow or Yoga Block
Type: Follow along push-up workout
Goal: To build muscle with push ups

Duration: 12 minutes
Equipment: A wall + yoga mat
Type: Follow along full body calisthenics workout
Goal: To build strength, core and mobility quickly

Duration: 12 minutes
Equipment: Yoga mat
Type: Full body follow along workout
Goal: Create strength, coordination and mobility with calisthenics

Duration: 15 minutes
Equipment: Yoga mat
Type: Follow along home calisthenics workout
Goal: Build upper body and core strength from home

Duration: 20 minutes
Equipment: Yoga Mat
Type: Full body follow along workout
Goal: Build the foundational core and upper body strength for calisthenics

Duration: 30 mins
Equipment: A wall + yoga mat
Type: Follow along handstand workout
Goal: Learn to balance a handstand

Duration: 45 minutes
Equipment: Dip bars, or a pull-up bar, or a table
Type: Full body beginner calisthenics strength
Goal: To build the basic strength needed to start calisthenics

Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: Pull-up bar & dip station
Type: Back, Biceps & Core
Goal: Build the strength and activation required to achieve your first pull-up (suitable for people who can do less than 5 pull-ups)

girl doing pull-ups

Duration: 1.5 hours
Equipment: Squat rack, bench, pull-up bar, wall
Type: Full Body (push, pull & legs)
Goal: Increase your strength with this full-body beginner calisthenics workout routine. You’ll get your first pull-up, build pushing strength and increase hip mobility and core.

in gym beginner calisthenics workout

Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: Calisthenics rings
Type: Upper body & core workout
Goal: Build upper body strength and core while developing new calisthenics skills

Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: P-Bars & Bands
Type: Full body calisthenics skill training
Goal: To build muscle and strength while learning new calisthenics skills

bent arm planche and modified pistol squat for full body calisthenics workout

Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: Hip circle, chair
Type:  Leg workout
Goal: To grow your legs without weights and to improve lower body mobility

bent arm planche and modified pistol squat for full body calisthenics workout

Overwhelmed with calisthenics exercise options? Simplify your routine by focusing on these 12 fundamental calisthenics exercises and skills. 

dip bar exercises for calisthenics beginners

Reach your calisthenics and strength goals faster with these top 10 dip bar exercises for beginners. Mobility and calisthenics skills included.

dip bar exercises for calisthenics beginners

A 3-day Calisthenic Workout Plan is ideal for people who participate in a sport, beginners just starting, or people with a busy lifestyle. This FREE beginner calisthenics routine can be done at home with minimal equipment

beginner calisthenics push up options

Day 1:Full Body Calisthenics Circuit

calisthenics squats beginner to advanced

Day 2: Calisthenics Legs and Mobility

beginner to advanced dip bar rows

Day 3: Building the Basics

3 Day Calisthenics Program >

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