How to do a Handstand. Beginner Workout Routine

Do this beginner handstand workout 3x per week to learn how to handstand as soon as possible. If you like this routine, you’ll love my beginner handstand program >

When I was learning how to handstand, I searched for a simple, follow-along routine to get my handstand FAST but couldn’t find one…

After years of teaching myself how to handstand as a beginner, I finally achieved my handstand. I then continued my handstand training which led me to achieve a handstand press, pike press, handstand push-ups and now one-arm handstands. 

So if you’re looking for someone to teach you how to handstand as a beginner, I am your girl. 

My name is Summerfunfitness. I am self-taught calisthenics and hand-balancing athlete. I have no gymnastics experience, so I faced the same challenges as you when learning how to handstand at home.

one arm handstand

Beginner Handstand Tips

Firstly, it’s essential to know the ideal form we are looking for in a beginner handstand. Here are my Top 5 Technique Tips to Learn How to Handstand.

Now that you know the technique, it’s time to take action and start practicing.

Beginner Handstand Workout

Consistency of training is the most critical factor for handstand beginners. No amount of one-off handstand attempts a few times per month will help you master a handstand. 

Do this workout routine 3x per week to get good at handstands. Not able to fit the full workout in? Consider doing half the workout a few times per week, or even just my beginner handstand warm-up routine. 

No Equipment, At Home, Beginner Handstand Workout

1. Scapular Warm-Up
8 reps per position
(feel free to laugh at the picture 😛 ) 

Hip Extension to Single Arm Thoracic Bridge

2. Standing Shoulder Elevation
8 reps x 8 sec hold at max position

Walking Lizard Push ups

4. Cobra Lifts
6 reps + max hold, no arm support

cobra lifts

5. Superman Leg Lifts
6 reps + 6 sec holds

lower body lifts in superman

6. Elbow Plank
10 sec hold, 4x, 10 sec rest

7. Wrist Warm-Up

elbow plank

8. Split Kicks
10 reps + 10 sec hold

handstand warm-up drill

9. Standing Leg Kicks
10 reps + 10 sec hold

standing leg kicks
wall support handstand

13. Stretch, Upper Body + Pancakes
15 sec hold, 4x, 30 sec rest

Puppy pose for handstand beginners
wall assisted handstand demo
wall assisted handstand demo

Not keen on doing the same handstand workout 2x per week? If that’s the case, you can alternate with my intermediate handstand workout to perfect your handstand as soon as possible.

Are you frustrated with how difficult learning how to handstand can be?

I understand. I’ve been there. I’ve spent years working on my handstand and still have days I can hardly balance a basic handstand shape. But…

The effort put in is what makes handstands so rewarding! The moment you are able to hold a freestanding handstand for 10 seconds you will feel so damn proud of yourself!

My Beginner Handstand Transformation

Why training handstands as a beginner is worth the frustration:

  • Handstands are progressive, meaning there’s always a new variation to learn – even at the elite level (I’m working on one-arm-handstands now). As opposed to a bicep curl (or other weighted movements) where you can only increase the weight to a certain point.
  • You can train anywhere. At home, on your lunch break, or on vacation, make handstand training inexpensive (no gym required) and easily accessible. 
  • Improves shoulder mobility and full-body coordination
  • It’s FUN! and a great party trick 😛 

Handstand Program

Take the guesswork out of learning how to handstand. Build strength and balance with my 30-day beginner handstand program >> 

Now that you’ve done the beginner handstand workout, why not try this handstand walking workout next? Or learn how to handstand press?

If you’re serious about learning how to handstand as an adult, sign up for my 30 day handstand program. I’ve had all ages, genders, and fitness backgrounds do to the program and the results have been incredible.