Intro to Intermediate Calisthenics Program

Are you looking to level up your training now that you’ve achieved the calisthenics basics? If so, this intermediate calisthenics program will dramatically improve your strength while introducing you to extraordinary skills like the planche, front lever and handstand push-ups.

Intermediate Calisthenics Program Details


8 weeks, 4 days per week, 60-80 minute workouts


Increase your fundamental strength by utilizing weighted calisthenics while starting your planche, front lever, and handstand push-up journey


Level up from beginner to intermediate calisthenics athlete


Group chat for community support


Specialized programming at a far cheaper rate than 1:1 coaching 

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Introduction to Intermediate Calisthenics Program

Improve Your Strength

We’ll begin the program by increasing your fundamental strength allowing you to start lever training with ease.

Calisthenics Simplified

No more worrying about what exercises you should be doing, if you’re doing the right amount of reps, or if you’re progressing fast enough. I handle all of that. All you have to do is open your app and complete the workout 4 days per week for 8 weeks.

Learn Extraordinary Skills

The primary focus of this calisthenics program is to build your strength for learning how to planche, front lever and handstand push-up.

Your Calisthenics Coach

Welcome! I’m Summer, better known as Summerfunfitness. I am a self-taught calisthenics athlete. I started training calisthenics, hand balancing and mobility training in my early 20s with no gymnastics experience.

I quickly fell in love with the sport and thus became a personal trainer and a full-time calisthenics coach to help others achieve a strong, mobile body they look forward to moving every day.

After having taught thousands of others how to do a handstand and master the calisthenics fundamentals, I bring you the next step up in your programming with this intro to intermediate calisthenics program.

Intro to Intermediate Calisthenics Program FAQ’s

Program prerequisites

Ideally, you’d be comfortable with the calisthenics fundamentals. 

  • 10+ pull-ups, or 8 weighted pull-ups with at least 5 lbs. 
  • 10-20 dips, or 8 weighted dips with at least 5lbs.
  • You should have a strong push-up with good form and be comfortable performing wide, decline, and diamond push-ups for 6-12 reps. 
  • You must be comfortable holding a handstand against a wall. If you can hold it freestanding, that’s great, but not required! I provide progressions and regressions for both levels.
  • Prior lever training is a bonus but certainly isn’t required. This introduction to intermediate calisthenics program is meant to introduce you to those skills. If you’ve already been practicing them, don’t worry; I’ll have harder progressions for you. 
What equipment do I need?

This intermediate calisthenics program is designed to be done in a gym as we utilize weighted calisthenics exercises.

You can modify the workouts to be done at home if you have the following calisthenics equipment:

  1. Pull-Up Bar
  2. Dip Bar
  3. P-Bars (you can use dumbbells too)
  4. Resistance bands (4 sizes are ideal)
  5. A regular bench, box or sturdy chair
  6. A range of weights. Ideally a squat bar and plates, but you can make it work with kettlebells/dumbbells. If you’re more advanced, you’ll want to have 60-90% of your bodyweight available in weights.
  7. Chalk is beneficial if you have grip issues or sweaty hands
  8. Elbow sleeves and wrist wraps are good to have if you tend to suffer from joint issues.
How many days a week is the program?

4 days per week, primarily upper body focused. 

I include an additional lower body day and handstand day that you’re welcome to do on top of the 4 days per week. 

What if I can't handstand?

You will not be required to do a freestanding handstand in this program. Although, there will be progressions for those of you who can.

This program’s primary focus is building the strength needed for handstand push-ups. Again, this program is meant to be an introduction to our three main skills. 

Learning to handstand generally takes a few months to years to master, which is why I have a dedicated handstand program.

Can I do this alongside of other sports?

If your sport is lower body, technique, flexibility or cardio-based, it should be fine as long as you sleep well and prioritize rest.

This shouldn’t be combined with another upper body strength training program as you won’t have enough time to recover between workouts. 

I’ve provided an additional lower body day for those who want it. 

If you plan to combine calisthenics with rock climbing, decrease the total amount of time you spend climbing and prioritize the program.  Use a hang board for the pull-ups to keep up with your finger conditioning.

What if an exercise is too easy or too hard?

Everyone will come into this program with different strengths and weaknesses. I have provided progressions and regressions for every drill to compensate for that.

What if my wrists or elbows get sore?

Your wrists will see a big improvement in terms of flexibility and strength by the end of the program.

I include lots of wrist warm-ups, stretches, and strengthening drills. I’m also mindful to include only a few back-to-back wrist drills during the first few weeks of the program. 

To reduce wrist discomfort, use p-bars and order some wrist wraps.

If your elbows get sore, choose easier regressions of the exercises and order some elbow sleeves. 

Here are some equipment recommendations, all using the code Summerfitness10:

Is it the same workouts week to week?

Absolutely not.

This is a phased program. I adjust exercise selection, total volume, rest times, exercise order..etc, throughout the program. No workout is an exact duplicate of the others.

We spend the first few weeks dramatically improving your strength in the calisthenics fundamentals while introducing you to lever work. In the program’s second phase, we focus more on our levers (planche, front lever and handstand push-ups) and less on the fundamentals.

I am not one of those coaches who builds a week of workouts and then asks you to repeat the same thing for 8 weeks (which a shocking number of coaches do).

Can I do the program if I'm 50+?

Certainly! The program is designed to match your strength level. As long as you meet the program prerequisites, you’re all set!

I also made sure my program testers varied in age to ensure it worked for everyone; my youngest program tester was 23, and my eldest was 61. 

Are legs included?

This program is designed to make you very strong at very specific upper-body exercises. There simply isn’t enough time to train legs during the four days per week we train together.

I include an optional weighted leg day that you can add to your regular workout schedule if that interests you. You’re welcome to add your own leg day throughout the week as well.

How long will I have to finish the program?

You will have 12 weeks to finish the 8-week program. My goal is to help you to see results. Having the time restraint will hopefully help you to see the program through.

The program is progressive; week 1 is radically different from week 8. When you’ve completed the program, you will need to move on to a different training program to continue to see results. It wouldn’t make sense to redo the first half of this program, as you’d only be regressing.

For those who wish to continue training with me afterwards, you will have two options. One, move on to the next 8-week program, or two, sign up for my on-demand maintenance program (only available to those who did this program).

How long are the workouts?

This radically depends on your previous experience with the exercises, your level of perfectionism and your schedule.

Some people enjoy spending a long time at the gym and will slowly move through the exercises while rewatching every tutorial video.

Others are in a rush to get things done. 

Because I know everyone differs, I had people of all ages and experience levels test the program. The results were that the workouts took an average of 1:15 to complete. Some of the testers were busy new parents needing to get it done in 50 minutes, while others were retired and dedicated to rewatching every tutorial to ensure they got everything correct, which meant taking 2 hours to complete it. Even with these extremes, most workouts averaged out to be 1:15 total. 

Am I guaranteed results?

You will see results if you follow all of the workouts, listen to the instructions, and are mindful of your form.

With my progressive program that has been meticulously planned for your success, you will surely see a significant improvement in strength, body awareness, mobility and control by the end.

Is coaching included?

One-on-One coaching is not included. You can post your questions and videos for feedback within our group chat. I will check in once per week to answer any questions. 

What do I do after the program?

As you can imagine, building up to your planche, front lever, and handstand push-ups takes more than one eight-week training block! If you wish to continue progressing further, I will have a phase 2 Intermeridate Calisthenics Program available.

Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to commit to a strict training regime again, I’ll have an on-demand maintenance program you can do at your leisure. This program is only available to those who have completed the full program.

Payment plan options

If you are unable to make the full payment at once, email me to set up a custom payment plan.

How to contact Summer?

If you have questions about the program, email

During the program, you can reach out via the group chat.

Calisthenics Program Reviews

I’ve been rock climbing on and off for 7 years and felt like I plateaued in strength for a longtime. This program was great in keeping me motivated and consistently training. I’ve learned so many new skills and progressed in many areas where I thought I couldn’t improve.

I saw the most improvement in high pulls and tuck planche push-ups (I started with barely any pseudo planche push-ups and progressed to 5 tuck planche push-ups). My Z-press also went up from 95lbs to 145lbs, and I got a 5s handstand, which I wasn’t expecting!

Coming off an elbow injury, the program’s well-structured progression and modular workouts were perfect for me.  I learned a ton of new skills and feel like the program helped a lot with pre-hab/injury prevention, too.

Age 26

Summer’s Beginner Calisthenics Program kickstarted my calisthenics journey and now her Intermediate Program has taken it to the next level. It was an excellent guide to get me started in strength building and skill training with calisthenics, I am completely hooked and have gained so much motivation to keep working as I see the gains I’ve made and how much I still have to learn and achieve. Summer is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent coach!

I am still new to calisthenics and this program really challenged me, but Summer has expertly created it with many options for regressions and progressions to make it both accessible and challenging for a wide range of experience levels.

Age 27

Some of the things I loved about the program are the wealth of regressions and progressions that are provided, and so many alternative exercises to substitute. I also love the fact that, whilst the principal focus is upper body, the program feels like a full body program and is inclusive of flexibility and handstands too. My flexibility gains were as significant as my strength gains, and my handstand level has soared! I got so much out of this program in such a short period of time!

For me, the highlights include achieving a 15 second handstand hold, a full back lever, and significantly improving my dragon flag, front splits and pancake. I also enjoyed some new challenges, such as the bent arm planche and one legged crow.  I have visibly increased my upper body muscle mass, and feel a lot stronger and more confident than when I came into the program.

I have no background in weight or strength training, nor in gymnastics, yoga, pilates or the like. You are guaranteed to progress in all aspects of strength and flexibility by committing to this program. I can’t praise enough the work and effort that has gone into it to make it what it is – it seems a true labour of love on Summer’s part. Try it and see – if you commit to the program, you will see results and you will not regret it.

Age 61

Being a rock climber for 10+ years, it has been a challenge to see physical progress. Similar to others who did this program, I felt as though I had hit a plateau before starting.

Doing this program immediately after doing the eight week beginner callisthenics program really helped me see improvements in my own physical strength and mobility and kept me motivated because there are so many things I can continue to improve on.

The most notable changes I noticed were in my handstands, high pulls, and drills involving the front lever. All of which I had never attempted before the program. Summer has developed this program wonderfully to suit the abilities of anybody who participates. I cannot recommend her programs strongly enough and am excited to surprise myself with what I’ll achieve in the future!

Age 23

The program was awesome! I saw consistent progress in all my exercises. I improved at virtually everything—some things more than others, but nonetheless, all things. My notable ones were my Z-Press, my handstand-related exercises, and my lever-related exercises.

My highlights were learning a back lever despite never having done one before and learning a freestanding HSPU negative when I couldn’t hold a handstand prior to the program.

I also found that becoming more comfortable in my body when it comes to bodyweight movements to be a highlight. Being strong in moving weight is one thing, being strong with your own body is another. Becoming more flexible, balanced, and coordinated is extremely important to me, and I achieved all those aspects within these past 8 weeks.

Age 25

Introduction to Intermediate Calisthenics

What do you do once you’ve mastered the calisthenics basics? When you can easily rep out pull-ups, push-ups, and dips? Well most people stop there, but not you! You know that you have so much left to learn and achieve in your calisthenics journey but…

How do you begin planche & front lever training?

Using my introduction to the intermediate calisthenics program, I will help you build a strong base to make high-skill level training as easy as possible. I’ll teach you the progressions, plan your rests, sets, and reps, and offer support in our group chat to make your training as simple as possible. 

No second guessing what you have to do or getting distracted by all the new exercises you see on Instagram. Just open up my Summerfunfitness app, complete today’s workout, and then go back to your busy life confident that you have made progress towards your calisthenics goals.

If you’re ready to develop calisthenics strength greater than you thought possible, sign up today:

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