7 Drills to Warm Up for Muscle-Ups

Learning how to muscle-up? This warm-up for muscle-ups will ensure you have the BEST training session possible.

Hey! My name is Summerfunfitness. I’m a self-taught calisthenics athlete with no gymnastics experience. I learned how to do muscle-ups in 3 months and now I’m on a mission to get better at muscle-ups.

You may be wondering…

Do You Really Need to Warm Up for Muscle-Ups?

If you truly want to succeed at the skill you are training or working towards, you SHOULD warm up. It’ll ensure you execute your training session with as much control as possible, resulting in maximum strength gains.

7 Reasons to Warm up for Muscle-Ups

  1. Improved scapular control
  2. Improved scapular mobility
  3. Increased body awareness
  4. Primes your body for the movement pattern
  5. Improves grip strength
  6. Reduces the chance of injury
  7. Helps you focus on the workout

Best Warm Up for Muscle-Ups

Do these 7 muscle-up warm up drills before each training session for maximum calisthenics strength gains.

Are you a calisthenics beginner? This warm up routine will help you get your first pull-up

1. Arm Circles 10-20 reps in both directions

arm circles

2. Hanging Twists 10 reps

hanging twists

3. Scap Pulls 10-15 reps, 2 sets

scap pulls

4. Single Arm Scap Pulls 6-8 reps
Beginner option: Assisted single arm scap pulls 

single arm scap pulls
assisted single arm scap pulls

5. Front Lever Raises 6-8 reps

front lever raises
straight bar scap shrugs
knee drive straight bar dips

Get Your First Muscle-Up

Now that you know how to warm up for muscle-ups it’s time to start working on getting your first muscle up. Use my FREE muscle-up training routine to achieve your muscle-up in 3 months. 

Can Girls do Muscle-Ups?

Yes! Of course, they can – if they want to, that is. I hope I can be an inspiration to all women learning how to muscle-up.