30 Day Beginner Handstand Challenge

Learn how to handstand to create fun, purposeful training that increases your strength, mobility and body awareness with my 30-day beginner handstand challenge.

With video tutorials for each exercise, sets, reps, rest times and accountability tracking, you’ll learn to handstand, even as a beginner. Easier and harder modifications are included for each drill, so you know exactly what to do to make it work for your body. 

No  experience required

Train from home or at the gym

Build strength, core and balance

Calisthenics training included

Can Adults Learn How to Handstand With No Gymnastics Experience?

Welcome! My name is Summer, or Summerfunfitness. I started teaching myself how to handstand with no gymnastics experience – as an adult. I wasn’t flexible or strong at bodyweight movements when I started. I worked 3 jobs while pursuing calisthenics and hand-balancing in the evenings.

When I started learning how to handstand, there weren’t any resources. I felt:


Overwhelmed by how to start


Confused about what the proper form should be


Unsure of how to program handstands into my training


Uncertain of how often I should train handstands


Fed up with dreaming about learning how to handstand, and motivated to get started

So I spent as much time as possible researching, studying and seeking information on handstands and calisthenics to get to the point I’m at today.

And now, I’ve taken those years of research and built the BEST BEGINNER HANDSTAND PROGRAM possible with accountability tracking, form walk-throughs, video demos, habit tracking, and more.

If you’re ready to learn how to handstand, join my 30-day beginner handstand program >

*The no coaching option means you’ll do the program on your own with no check-ins/form corrections. With the coaching option, you will be added to a group chat where Summer will provide form corrections and feedback.

Why Learn How to Handstand?

I initially worked out because I felt like it was something I HAD to do. Like I HAD to look a certain way, to focusing on skill-based goals like learning how to handstand and celebrating what my body can do rather than what it looks like. Which, in turn, has made me the strongest I’ve ever been. 


Provides purpose for your training


Having strong goals increases workout motivation


Creates a strong, mobile body you can trust


Focuses on what your body can do instead of only working out to look a certain way


Allows you to workout anywhere, whether that’s on a mountain, at the beach or at home

Beginner Handstand Program Details


30-day handstand program for beginners


23 unique workouts so you’ll never get bored 😱


Video tutorials for every exercise


Easier/harder modifications for each drill


Easy to follow sets, reps & rest times in a
user-friendly app


Minimal equipment needed


You’ll learn forearm stands and headstands too!


Starts the date of purchase


When you purchase the “with coaching” option, you will be added to a group chat where Summer will provide personalized form corrections and feedback throughout the challenge.

Beginner Handstand Program Review

Before this program launched, I had a few people from different backgrounds test the program to make sure it was easy to follow, suitable for different fitness levels, and, of course, resulted in improved handstands. One of those testers was Daniel…

Daniels’ 30 Day Handstand Transformation

Daniel’s progress was outstanding; he can now hold a handstand for 10+ seconds. He stayed committed throughout the program and was meticulous about implementing form corrections. His results were incredible. Click the video below to see his transformation.

What improvements did you see from the program?
-stronger upper body,
held a handstand for 10 secs
– better shoulder mobility

“Summer is a fantastic coach. The program has videos that break down each exercise and technique. She uses methods I had not seen before that were very helpful in my handstand progress. The amount of volume and intensity is adequate for every person, whether you’re a novice or an expert.”
– Daniel F

Sam’s Handstand Program Results

Hannah’s Handstand Program Results

Hannah is a mom of three kids that were often seen running around her in her check-in videos. I am so proud of her for staying committed to this program. She NEVER missed a workout or check-in. She prioritized her training, and it really showed in her results.  

“This program is exciting and easy to commit to, even for a mother with 3 tiny kids running around. I also have to say that you keep the workouts interesting and different and oh yes, they are more challenging every day!”
– Hannah Y, Week 1 Recap

 “I realized suddenly that all of my calisthenics training is paying off for cardiovascular endurance as well by running close to my fastest all time mile without training for it at all. One more side effect I did not expect in just 2 weeks is the freaking muscle definition in my shoulders and back!
– Week 2 Recap

“Today was awesome with a 10 second hold in my single leg extension, 5 second hold freestanding! Before this challenge, it felt so far away. It feels like I just started and I’m blown away by how fast all the pieces are coming together 🤩”
– Week 3 Recap

“I’m gonna start saying “I have my handstand” because this is the first time I’ve actually felt that “float” feeling, and I feel that I can actually be safe from falling without the wall behind me!”
– Hannah Y

Sofya’s 30 Day Handstand Challenge Results

Sofya just started calisthenics and handstand training a few months ago. She’s a dedicated yogi who wanted to improve her overall strength to compliment her flexibility. Throughout the program, she significantly improved her ability to control her body. She saw an increase in her strength and core and can now execute movements with greater accuracy and awareness.

“The fact that the program actually improves 3 different inversions is a huge plus. I know the core control helps with a ton of other stuff too, but I think this really is a marker of the fact that it « works »

What improvements did you see from the program?
– Increased core control
– can now experiment with new handstand shapes
– stronger core and back

I’m definitely more confident in my hand-balancing ability. The biggest change I can see is during the handstand kick-ups. I do a full handstand with pretty much every kick up and my core stability is much better than before.”
-Sofya L

“I am thrilled that I am getting better and better at balancing in different handstand positions. At a speed I would not have thought possible. And nice side effect my false grip on rings is much better 💪🏽”
– Benedikt M, Week 2 Recap

“Summers feedback has been super helpful, the micro-adjustments I’ve made from her advice have made an instantly noticeable difference in my balance and posture 😁”
– Mahdi A, Week 2 Recap

What improvements did you see from the program?
– stronger shoulders for sure!
– I can hold a plank for much longer!
– longest handstand I’ve ever held at 5 seconds
– increased stamina in my other workouts
– stronger wrists
– improved shoulder mobility

I found all the video tutorials very helpful and clear. The instructions made sense and it felt like it was intended for all levels as there were clear variations for whatever strength level you are currently at with options to make things easier or harder so it always felt challenging but achievable which kept it fun and motivating!”
– Mahdi A

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

Equipment Needed:

1. Lightweight Loop Resistance Bands. If you don’t have a band, you can skip it or use lightweights such as a can of beans. I like Movement Mades Resistance Bands as they’re non-toxic. Discount Code: Summerfunfitness

2. Yoga Blocks. I use yoga blocks quite a bit in this challenge. Depending on the exercise, you can use two small chairs/ottomans, a rolled-up sweater, or p-bars/dumbbells. I have cork yoga blocks from Scoria. Discount Code: Summerfunfitness

3. If you struggle with your wrists, use p-bars or dumbbells to reduce strain. Discount Code: Summerfunfitness.

4. Yoga mat – thin, grippy mats are better than thick foam ones. Discount Code: Summerfunfitness

5. A wall – we use the wall in most of the workouts, so you may want to clear a wall space in your house for the 30 days.

6. A chair, box, or stool

*You don’t have to use the brands I recommend. I just like them as they’re all non-toxic, all-natural, sustainable, small businesses. If you make a purchase through one of the links above, I will receive a small commission. 

Do I have to know how to handstand?

No, you do not need to know how to handstand to start this program. I will teach you as we go!

This program is designed for handstand beginners. Ideally, you would be able to kick up to a wall; however, if you’re not there yet, you can still do this program. Within the app, it’s very easy to swap out exercises whenever needed.

How many days a week is the program?

The program is 5-6 days per week, depending on the week. If you miss one day, you can use your rest day to make it up or adjust your calender in the calendar section of the app.

You will have 10 extra days at the end of the program to catch up on any missed workouts.

Here’s a calendar overview. 

If 5-6 days per week of training is too much for your current schedule, please send me an email detailing how many days per week you’d like to train and we’ll see what I can do for you: Summer@summerfunfitness.com

Should you buy the program with or without feedback?

Throughout the challenge, I ask you to film very specific exercises, as they can tell me a lot about what you need to correct to progress in your handstand training. On those days, you would send me a video to receive form corrections and feedback – if you purchase the Program with Feedback. Feedback will be sent within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.

Without this additional feedback, you may end up doing the exercises with less than-ideal form, which can stunt your progress.

To receive feedback, you will be added to a group. That way, you can see the form corrections others are getting, what they’re struggling with and build a community of people with the same goal. If you don’t enjoy groups, you can message me directly.

To do the program without feedback/community support, you can purchase the program here: Handstand Program, No Feedback

Do I need to be flexible?

You do not need to be flexible to do this program. Your flexibility will improve as we do shoulder, wrist and lower body flexibility drills.

What if I can already hold a 10 second handstand?

This program will be beneficial whether you can already hold a handstand for 10+ seconds or if you’re starting.

You will always benefit from strengthening the fundamentals, even at an advanced level.

Can I do this alongside other workouts?

Yes, you can do this on top of your regularly scheduled workouts. Just make sure to do it at the start of your session.

I recommend decreasing shoulder drills in your regular workouts to ensure you don’t inhibit your ability to complete the handstand training.

If you are short on time in general, you will probably have to replace your regular workouts with this challenge, but it’s only a month, and you’ll see a huge improvement by the end of it.

Can I do this program if I'm over 40?

Certainly, you can start to learn how to handstand at any age. You’ll have different strengths and weaknesses depending on your history with bodyweight training, your mobility, your nutrition and your attitude – which is the case no matter your age 🙂

We all learn at different rates and face our own challenges. With this group program, you’ll feel supported and welcomed.

What does the workout structure look like?

Each day is different, but essentially we do:

– A full-body warm-up
– A wrist warm-up
– Conditioning and Mobility
– Handstand Specific Drills
– Core
– Flexibility
– Cool Down (you are responsible for your cool down, I have one sample follow-along routine and additional follow-alongs on YouTube.)

Each workout includes sets, reps, rest times to make it as simple to follow as possible.

How long are the workouts?

We will be training 5-6 days per week for four weeks.

Each workout will vary in length depending on the previous day’s training and how far along we are in the challenge. For example, in Week 1 we do two days of handstand conditioning, then on day 3 we only do core to give our wrists and shoulders a break. The core workout is shorter than the others. 

The workout length of time radically depends on your experience with bodyweight drills. If this is your first time learning how to handstand, the workout will take longer as you’ll need to watch the exercise demo for each drill. On average, I would plan for an hour per session (some workouts will be much less).

Short on time?
If you have a particularly busy day, you can reduce the number of sets per exercise to still get your workout in.

What if my wrists get sore?

Conditioning and mobilizing your wrists for handstands is often a big hurdle when learning how to handstand.

But I make sure to combat this by including a wrist warm-up each session, as well as pairing on wrist exercises with off wrist exercises to allow them to recover between sets. 

You can always use p-bars or dumbells when your wrists become tired. P-Bars put the wrists into a neutral position making it less tiresome.

P-Bar Recommendation: P-Bar Discount Code: Summerfitness10

If your wrists are quite sore, you can swap out your routine for a “Day 3” workout which is our core day. 

Will I gain muscle from this program?

Hypertrophy is NOT the focus of this program. Physique gains will depend on your diet (I’m plant-based), your commitment to training, your mind-body connection and your current weight.

The main focus of this handstand program is building a strong, mobile body capable of incredible things!

If you’re looking for more physique gains then handstand gains, check out my Beginner Calisthenics Program. 

Do I have to go to a gym?

Nope! You can do this workout anywhere, provided you have a wall to train with, a yoga block, resistance band and yoga mat.

How many days do I have to complete the 30 day challenge?

The program is 30 days, with a total of 23 workouts + 1 testing day to see how you progressed over the month.

You have access to the 30-day program for 40 days. After the program, if you wish to continue with your handstand training, you will be given the option to sign up for the on-demand version to be done at your own leisure. I recommend repeating the program until you can hold a 60-second handstand. The on-demand version is $14.99CAD per month, roughly $11USD. Cancel anytime.

How to contact Summer

If you have questions about the program, email summer@summerfunfitness.com

During the program, you can reach out via the chat.

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