3-Day True Beginner Calisthenics Program

Want to ease your way into starting calisthenics? This 3-Day-A-Week True Beginner Calisthenics Program takes just 30 minutes per day, requires very minimal equipment, and is the perfect way to get started for busy people or those who are new to working out.

3-Day Beginner Calisthenics Program Details


Ease your way into calisthenics


3 days per week, 30-40 minute workouts, 6 weeks


Program focus: Pull-Ups, Push-Ups & Lower Body Mobility


Minimal equipment: Pull-Up Bar & Resistance Bands


Modifications are included for every exercise


Group chat for community support


This is meant to be an easier introduction to calisthenics for those who prefer a more gradual approach, who don’t already go to the gym


Starts Monday, June 3rd

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Why Train Calisthenics 3 Days Per Week?

Training calisthenics 3 days per week for 30 minutes is great for busy people or those who are new to working out and want to establish a consistent exercise routine without feeling overwhelmed.

So, after receiving literally thousands of requests for a 30-minute, 3-day-a-week TRUE beginner calisthenics program, here it is!

Working Out Made Simple

With countless exercise options and our crazy schedules, planning a proper program can be confusing, so let me handle it for you. All you have to do is make time for your workouts 3x per week for 6 weeks. You got this!

Time Efficient

The workouts take 30-40 minutes, but you can always make them longer by adding more stretches using my exercise library.

Learn Fun Skills

You’ll begin to build more body control, opening the doors for learning more calisthenics skills in the future. 

Introduction to Calisthenics

This beginner program is meant to be a more accessible introduction to calisthenics training as it can be done at home, doesn’t require any previous experience and can be completed in a short period of time.

This might be hard to believe…

But I was once a calisthenics beginner too. Most people look at my current skills and assume I’ve been doing this my whole life, which is far from the truth!

Welcome, my name is Summer. I grew up in a small, secluded town that didn’t have gymnastics, cheerleading, or anything of that sort. So, I spent my childhood dreaming of being able to do the splits, handstands, and more.

It wasn’t until my 20s that I realized I could learn those skills if I committed myself to them. So I started training calisthenics and never stopped! Since then, I’ve achieved the human flag, handstand push-ups, straddle planche, and so much more. Now, I get to help people from all over the world start calisthenics with my calisthenics programs and coaching.

Introduction to Beginner Calisthenics Program FAQ’s

What equipment do I need?

This true beginner calisthenics program is designed to be done at home, but you can go to a gym or calisthenics park if you wish.

  1. Pull-Up Bar (Use code Summerfitness10 if you want this one)
  2. Resistance bands (4 sizes is ideal)
  3. A chair/couch/table (something for incline push-ups and bench dips)
  4. A yoga mat is always nice but not required.
  5. If you struggle with wrist mobility, p-bars or dumbbells could be beneficial but not necessary


    *You can usually find a pull-up bar at a local thrift store if you’re on a budget. 

How does this compare to your 8-Week Beginner Calisthenics Program?

This program serves as an introduction to calisthenics, catering to beginners who prefer a gradual approach, or those with limited access to a gym. Below is a comparison of both programs:


3-Day True Beginner Calisthenics Program

8 Week Beginner Calisthenics Program

3 days per week4 days per week
Minimal equipment requiredFull gym + weights required
Quick 30-minute workouts1:15 hour workouts
Focused on beginner pull-ups, push-ups and lower body mobility.Master the calisthenics basics, train weighted lower body mobility and learn calisthenics skills (skin the cat, wall assisted handstands & crow)
Slower progress but a more manageable timeline for busy people or people brand new to working out.Quicker progress (dramatically more time spent training), get good at many skills at one time, and push yourself heavily.
More details >
How many days a week is the program?

3 days per week. The default schedule is Mon, Wed, and Fri, but you can always adjust this in the calendar section of the app to best align with your schedule.

What if an exercise is too easy or too hard?

Everyone will come into this program with different strengths and weaknesses, so to compensate for that, I provided progressions and regressions for every single drill.

For example, if the workout calls for Incline Push-Ups and you can already do floor Push-Ups, you’d substitute for the harder option. 

Are legs included?

Our main focus is working on your push-ups and pull-ups, while mobilizing your lower body.

We have 2 leg exercises per session. All bodyweight unless you wish to add weight to them.

Can I do this alongside of other sports?


You could even pair it with an additional lower-body workout if you’d like.

I do advise setting this program as your main priority for the week, with your sport or hobbies coming second.

Can I do the program if I'm 60+?

Of course, you can! I have clients in their 70s as well. There are modifications for all the exercises, and if you need further help, you can always post in the group chat.

If you have a major injury, please contact your doctor before starting this program. 

How long do I have to complete the program?

You will have 8 weeks to finish the 6-week program. My goal is to help you to see results. Having the time restraint will hopefully help you to see the program through.

For those who wish to continue training with me afterwards, you will have two options. One, move on to my 8-week, 4-day-per-week, full-body beginner calisthenics program (a gym is required) or two, sign up for my on-demand maintenance program if you wish to continue with what you’ve already learned.

How long are the workouts?

This radically depends on your previous experience with the exercises, your level of perfectionism and your schedule.

Plan for 25-45 minutes per session. 

Each workout is designed to be 30 minutes, but this can vary based on how many times you rewatch the tutorial videos. 

To speed things up, please watch the tutorial videos earlier in the day. 

Is coaching included?

One-on-One coaching is not included. You can post your questions and videos for feedback within the group chat.

Payment plan options

If you are unable to make the full payment at once, email me to set up a custom payment plan. Summer@summerfunfitness.com

How to contact Summer?

If you have questions about the program, email summer@summerfunfitness.com

During the program, you can reach out via the group chat.

3 Day Beginner Calisthenics Workout Routine

Here is Week 1, Day 1 of my 30-minute, 3-Day Beginner Calisthenics Program. Please note that the actual program will be delivered through my app. Each exercise will have a detailed video, written tutorial, progressions, and regressions for all levels. This is just a sample, so you know what you’re getting into. 
*You will use a chair or couch in place of the bench I’m using in these demo photos.

1. Deep Squats 
10 reps
2. Lateral Lunges 10 reps both sides
3. Forward Fold 45 seconds
4. Cat Cows 4 reps, 6s hold in each position
5. Shoulder warm-up/pre-hab

A1. Active Hang
15 seconds
Regression: Use a band

A2. Pancake Lifts
10 reps, 3 sets, rest 45s
Progression: Straighten legs

B1. Negative Incline Push-Ups
3 reps, 6-8s lowers
Progression: Perform on the ground

B2. Long Lunges
6-8 reps, 3 sets, rest 45s
Progression: Lengthen your lunge

C1. Incline Bent Arm Plank
10 seconds
Progression: Perform on the ground

C2. Banded Rows
12 reps, 3 sets, rest 60s
Progression: Use a thicker band

1. Scorpion Pec Stretch
2. Pike Stretch 45s
3. Optional 3 minute follow along cool down

Ready to start calisthenics? Sign up today to begin your journey toward improved strength, mobility and body awareness all from the comfort of your own home.