Everything You Need to Start Calisthenics

Quickly and effectively fit calisthenics and handstand training into your busy schedule for incredible strength and mobility.

More Time Training,
Less Time Planning

My goal is to make calisthenics training easier so you can build incredible strength, muscle, and mobility for a life filled with movement and play.

From learning how to do push-ups, to learning tuck planche, handstand push-ups and front levers. I’ve got calisthenics programs for all.

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Workouts to suit your lifestyle. From home workouts, to beginner calisthenics workouts,  to gym sessions and more.

Girl doing a push-up on push-up bars outside

Reach Your Calisthenics Goals Faster

Save the hard work for the workout – not the planning.

Have you been trying to balance a handstand forever?
Splits just won’t budge? Don’t know how to do pull-ups? Not sure where to start?

I get it…these are all obstacles I had to overcome when I started training calisthenics. I felt overwhelmed with the number of things I wanted to learn and where to begin.

I wasn’t even sure if calisthenics, flexibility & handstands were possible for an adult with no gymnastics experience. But…through massive trial and error, I taught myself calisthenics, how to handstand and WHAT NOT TO DO. 

And now, I want to help you feel that same joy when you accomplish something you never thought possible by providing free workouts, advice and even a  30-Day Beginner Handstand Program for those serious about learning how to build strength, mobility and balance through bodyweight training.

Do More of What You Love

I know you want to live an active, full life. So, let’s work together to design a plan that works for you.

Life isn’t just about slaving away at the gym…
It’s about seeing what you are capable of.

If you’re anything like me, you want to handstand, muscle-up, wake surf, climb, run, weight lift…and so much more. I promise you that calisthenics training will increase your overall body coordination, mobility, and strength. 

Just imagine living a VIBRANT life full of movement!

Ready to take action? Do one of my FREE calisthenics workouts and learn the 12 Fundamental Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners

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We Are in This Together

I am here to cheer you on and guide you on your journey. My name is Summer.  I am a self-taught calisthenics athlete helping you achieve incredible athleticism for lifelong movement.

Push through your plateaus and find balance (literally) with me.

girl posing with all of her at home calisthenics gym equipment

Together, we will overcome incredible challenges and share in the joy of calisthenics skills and mobility training. 


Whether you are a calisthenics beginner or advanced athlete, use these resources to learn and grow in your training and mindset.

Free Workouts

Have confidence in your calisthenics workout routine – because no one wants to waste time.


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